BE SENSIBLE: Random Breath Testing on Western Cape roads. Photo: Shahiem Bell

After the braai, late on Saturday, we say to each other “safe home”. Much of the time we mean, “hey, how much have you had to drink and do you think it’s sensible to be driving the family home like that?”

Perhaps it’s time we said it as it is. Drinking and driving is an unholy alliance. When they mix, nothing good comes of it. To add insult to injury, when you’ve had a few, you get some kind of mal bravado that says to you that you can do just about anything, including piloting your car down the road with your senses all mixed-up, and get away with it nogal, and feel perversely proud of doing so. Mixed up is what it is.

But drunk drivers won’t be getting away with it anymore. Bobby hears that Random Breath Testing units are now active on Western Cape roads. These units are quick set-ups, they pop up anywhere, any time, to test drivers. So why vat ‘n kans?

Sure, it’s unfortunate that the government has to go to these lengths to get the message across. After all, combating drinking and driving diverts resources away from protecting communities and the money spent on clearing up the mess could be spent on schools.

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