ORGANISERS: Ziyaad Bailey, Craig Hudson of B&C Events. Photo: RIM EXCHANGE

Here’s another car day that has grown in just a year, as was seen recently at Honda Day, hosted at Killarney in conjunction with a Street to Strip drags meet.

True, it was a brand specific collection, but then again the Honda fans like it that way. Granted, it is an accomplished manufacturer, with motorbikes, award-winning cars, outboard motors, generators and even an airplane or two.

Organisers Ziyaad Bailey and Craig Hudson, who are B&C Events, started Honda Day Cape Town in 2017 and it was a smash hit.

This year they focused on more detailed preparation and brought a lot more sponsors on board (Burly Pro Suspension being the main one) to make the day for Honda enthusiast great.

The pre-registration happened the week before, which is always a wise move, and was a meet-up at Max Carwash and Detailing.

A highlight at that wash day must have been the rare Honda Integra Type R, owned by Waseem Baderoen, which is only sold in Japan (the land of all JDM).

COLLECTOR’S ITEM: Rare Integra type R at the pre-registration.  Photo: RIM EXCHANGE

The driver pulled up to see what all the fuss was about. Necks craned as all Honda enthusiasts got to see the Integra up close.

Back to the event day. Not forgetting that it is a charity event, thanks to Honda Day a night shelter is being taken care of.

Shakeel Bagus of Rim Exchange, part of the media team, says: “Finally, the day we were waiting for arrived, the day where thousands of smiles were shared by the supporters, people’s passion and efforts were put on display and where hundreds of racers had adrenaline pumping through the veins when that V-Tec kicked in.

“We pulled up to the gates at 5.30am and the guys were already lined up with Hondas in all colours and shapes. Honda Day tested records with having so many Hondas together on one day.

He says: “There was never a dull moment, cars reaching new lows in the limbo section, cars breaching the 12.5 second mark on the day.

“That was a surprise because no cars were actually allowed to go faster than 12.5.”

CAUGHT THE EYE: Wide body S2000 owned by Moosa Essa.  Photo: RIM EXCHANGE

Cape Town’s love for Hondas is real, and next year’s Honda Day is already in preparation. Shakeel adds: “Seeing everyone together from all over the Western Cape and surrounding areas made it clear that the love for motor vehicles will never fade away.

“We would like to thank all our sponsors and vendors for making Honda Day extra special for all of those in attendance on the day.”

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