File photo: African News Agency (ANA)

On the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, it’s the trucks that get the full paint treatment.

This one, parked cleverly right on the beach, is a brilliant example of colourful Mauritian artwork. 

You can see it from the other end of the beach and, rather comfortingly, it plays the very same ice cream man jingle that you hear in South Africa. Must be a global tune that.

Now the traffic cops have got EBAT, which stands for Evidentiary Breath Alcohol Testing. These are mobile units, housed in minivans, that are being parked next to roadblocks. 

If you’re over the limit, you can be tested in one of these vehicles, and the print out will stand up in court, and can be used to convict you. No more blood tests required.

What comes next is jail, a hefty fine and having your licence suspended. Drinking and driving just isn’t worth it.