When driving on the roads, it’s easy to get seduced into thinking you’re the most important thing out there as you sink into that driving seat, feel the thrum of the motor coming up through you, and sense the traction of the wheels as you pull away.

Yet we are surely not alone out there, as we navigate what can be a treacherous path passing other cars and pedestrians. Staying conscious of this can mean that other people get to stay alive.

Often it is the other driver that makes the mistake, but blame is of no use when a collision results. So what to do? The answer is to drive in a way that you always leave enough space and time to react should anything go wrong. This includes safe following distances (double up when it rains), extra care when approaching busy intersections (especially when there are pedestrians involved), making sure your speed is well below the limit, and tapping off in narrow suburban roads.

The change begins with you.

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