The really fun part about being a young man out on a Friday night filled with prospects, with friends kitted out lekker (and, believe me, Bobby Nitro knows all about this), is that you get to swagger down the road like you are king of the world.

The vibe easily gets to your head, you feel indestructible, talking loud and walking louder. 

Until someone steps far off the kerb, looking excitedly the wrong way, that unseen car has no time to stop or swerve, and everyone’s lives are changed forever.

If you’re young and male, you’re in the group most likely to get killed as a pedestrian, so be aware. We share the road with cars, motorbikes and pedestrians, all going different speeds and with different lethal capabilities. 

That’s the reality.

So, how to reduce the chances of tragedy? Dress brightly, especially around sunset when visibility is low. 

Nominate one of your group of friends to be the safety officer, keeping a lookout for potentially dangerous situations and warning you to be careful, much like having a navigator in a rally car. The change begins with you.

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