MAKE KEY DECISION: Drinking and driving just do not mix - ever

Resolution time, mense, it being a brand new year and all. 

Look, we all know that most resolutions tend to lose most of their traction by February, mostly because they are made in semi-inebriated overconfident glee on New Year’s Eve when you think you can do almost anything.

But if there’s one resolution that should get a liberal dose of trackbite, then let it be those ones to do with road safety.

Those are the resolutions that benefit not only you but your whole community. Like not drinking over the limit and driving. Ever. How about we take it one step further and scrap the over the limit bit, so no drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel AT ALL.

Bobby thinks that when it comes to something so important, why mess around with doing it just a little.

Don’t do it, ever, no compromise, and it sends a message out to the next generation that alcohol and roads do not mix, at all, not even a little bit.

That would go a long way to reducing the unnecessary deaths on our roads. The change begins with you.