SON OF A PREACHER MAN: Courtney rape and murder accused, Mortimer Saunders
Last week the Daily Voice incorrectly reported that Mortimer Saunders, the accused in the Courtney Pieters murder case, is the son of a priest of the New Apostolic Church.

Members of the church were understandably upset by the mistake.

For the record, Saunders’ family belongs to the Old Apostolic Church.

Once again, the Daily Voice regrets the error and humbly apologises for the confusion.

It is our job to be as accurate and factual as possible in our reporting.

When we do make a mistake, it is our job to publish a correction as soon as possible. We did so.

There were basically three kinds of complaints received:

Daily Voice didn’t double — and triple — check its information.

Guilty as charged, we got it wrong on this occasion.

It was not necessary to mention the name of the church.

In response to this complaint: If you recall, the article containing the mistake was a profile on Saunders, where he is from, where he grew up and went to school, where he worked, his personal life and a character description. Where he worshipped formed part of this.

The article was an attack on the church.

Absolutely not. No church would ever condone — or want to be associated with — the rape and murder of children.

The actions of one man can never be representative of an entire community.

There are bad apples in every organisation and it is important to make that separation.

Speaking of bad apples, by now all of you would have heard about the awful terror attack in Manchester earlier this week.

TERROR: Islamic State claimed Manchester bombing

The “Islamic” State (once again) has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at a pop concert which killed 22 people.

Muslims around the world are shocked and saddened by the attack.

And they will be cringing that once again these evil monsters carried out the mass murder in the name of Islam – don’t!

Any Muslim, or person who understands the teachings of Islam, should know the faith condemns taking of innocent lives.

Do not feel ashamed. These murderers are not Muslim.

Similarly, the sick bastard who killed Courtney committed an extremely un-Christian act.

Make the separation.

Besides, what kind of Muslim, who should be preparing spiritually for the holy month of Ramadaan, would go on a killing spree in this important week?

It makes no sense.

Meanwhile, reports in the UK and US have been quick to link the attack to ISIS which had been active in Syria, but is now stuck in the UK due to travel restrictions.

Pro-Brexit lobbyists will no doubt be saying “told you so, we need to keep foreigners out”.

More worryingly, all this seems to be building up to an excuse for the West to invade Syria, Munier reckons.

Ai... the arme Syrians will be praying for a peaceful pwasa. And so will Munier.

To all our Muslim readers, have a blessed and peaceful Ramadaan.