TASTY: Macaroni and cheese is the right dite to make on Friday

FRIDAY 14 July is National Mac ‘n Cheese day.
This classic comfort food, loved by so many, has to be honoured and certainly deserves its own day.

It’s not clear where or how this day came about, but as a lover of macaroni and cheese, I know what’s on my menu this Friday.

Mac and Cheese is usually served as a side dish, but can also be served as a main.

What I personally love about it is it’s versatility and the unlimited options you have when it comes to the filling.

I don’t think I have ever made the same kind of mac and cheese twice in a row.

This dish always reminds me of my childhood and the times I spent in the kitchen with my late grandmother when she used to make it.

Growing up, it was my favourite dish that my ouma used to make with just three ingredients: macaroni, cheese and tomato. That was it.

No other filling and no fancy cheese sauces; just that.

In a big bowl, my ouma would start with a layer of cooked macaroni, a very generous amount of cheese and a few slices of tomato. She would repeat this until her ingredients were finished or the bowl was full.

It wasn’t much, and admittedly, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but she always got it right.

After popping it in the oven I could never wait to get a taste of that stringy melted cheese.

My gran was a simple cook and often didn't add extras, but that’s what made her dishes so special.

Mac * Cheese was one of the first dishes I learned to make, and has been my favourite ever since.

I love that you’re not limited to any ingredient to use as a filling.

Anything from bacon and cheese, to spinach and mushroom or chicken and meat will add it’s own flavour to your dish. Even vegetarians can enjoy it.

Get creative with your Mac and Cheese dish this Friday and add your special touch to this classic favourite.