PARTY TIME: Blue lift the league trophy

The final day was always unlikely to be an exciting one, with everything pretty much in the bag. There was that slight glimmer of hope for Arsenal grabbing fourth place, but once Liverpool’s first went in, it was game over really.

The bottom three all got whacked and a win anywhere there would have made zero difference to the final standings either way.

You have to give it to Kloppy though. Despite what seemed to be a very nervy, inconsistent end to the

season, the Reds pulled through and he’ll have a chance to regroup and get busy in the transfer market ahead of European football.

As for the Gunners, it does look like Arsene Wenger will get another season at least.

I don’t think it rides on the FA Cup on Saturday.

And despite his obvious anger at a “Director of Football” being appointed at the Emirates, he’ll take the criticism on the chin and push on through.

The real worry is whether his players will want to be part of a Brexit campaign.

United ended on a good note, blooding a few youngsters and beating a plucky Crystal Palace side.

But tomorrow night really will be make or break as they face a very decent Ajax in the Europa Final.

I think the days are gone when given the opportunity to play at Old Trafford was a no-brainer. Jose Mourinho will demand a huge transfer kitty, but will world-class players want to join if there ain’t no Champions League?

Serious times for the big boys up North…

As much as I don’t like Spurs, I’m glad the power has shifted south, with the Capital seemingly way ahead in terms of quality and consistency, with a one-two in the league and an all-London Final.

Sunday was a strange day for me as I sat with a couple of dozen Chelsea fans. I wanted to get into the spirit of celebration but, as with previous silverware, my heart was in the wrong place.

If only I believed in an afterlife… I wish my little brother, who loved Chelsea and came to every game with me, could have experienced the success of the club today.

          Chelsea champs 

He passed away before Roman Abramovich and despite loving Saturday afternoons at the Bridge and up and down the country, he tasted ultimate football glory.

Saying that, of course, I’m over the moon and despite the Arsenal hitting good form at the moment, I’m all pumped up to bust the champagne as Chelsea complete the double.

However, soon we move into three months of Premier League wilderness, but all eyes will be switched to what promises to be massive movement in the transfer market.

Ladies and gents, thanks for tuning in for this glorious Chelsea season and if you support Spurs I’m sure you’re not feeling bad anymore…

After all, one of your own – Harry Kane – won the coveted Golden Boot AND you came top of the “Ham League” above West Ham and Southampton.

Well done guys, best season for decades… Yes, I’m a cocky w***er.