SHORTAGE: Eggs are scare
This Friday is World Egg Day.

Yes people, the humble egg has its very own day. A little ironic when you consider the current egg shortage we are experiencing in the Western Cape.

This week the Daily Voice reported that around 70% of the eggs are gone due to a strain of avian flu which has spread across the province.

And the remaining 30% is also in jeopardy, so we are in dire straits.

I love eggs, and this makes me very sad, so I think it’s time to show the eier some appreciation.

When I was growing up, eggs were always associated with something funny or embarrassing. The boy with the funny shaped head was always known as Eier.

We also dreaded having boiled egg in our lunch boxes because you knew the rest of the class would moan about the poep smell.

And who can forget the loser’s anthem: “Vrottie eier, kom kuier vanaand by Mrs Meyer”? Sang at many sports events to the losing team.

Come to think of it, kids were mos mean!

Anyway, back to the egg and why we love it so much.

The older I got, the more I came to love and appreciate eggs. My gran used to make the most perfect soft fried egg that was also crisp around the edges.

That was about the only cooking skill I inherited from her and I still love it.

Since I cut bread out of my diet, eggs have become my new go-to food, whether as a quick snack or sommer ‘n lekker Friday night supper met ‘n stukkie wors.

It’s the simplest thing to make whether fried, scrambled or boiled.

The egg is also a very important ingredient when it comes to baking. Wat is ‘n chocolate koek sonder ‘n eier?

And can you imagine a Saturday without French Toast and melted cheese, weekend breakfast doesn’t get better than that.

Here’s to the egg!

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