VERSATILE: Blikkievis is a great ingredient for quick and easy meals in the summer holidays

If blikkievis wasn’t part of your diet at least once a week when you were growing up, then you had a very deprived childhood.
When I think canned fish, Lucky Star is the first thing that comes to mind.

I was never a fan of “fish food aka viskos” while growing up, mainly because I had so much of it, but I would never dare tell my mom that.

Ek het mos geweet “is of daai of jy kry niks”.

Now that I am older, wiser and have to cook for myself I have no problem with viskos.

In fact, I make most of my pasta dishes with some or other canned fish.

While it’s a great middle of the month meal option, blikkievis has come a long way. Jy kan nou posh wees met jou blikkievis.

I love the versatility of canned fish; it’s probably the most versatile item on my grocery list.

I recently attended the launch of Lucky Star’s fourth cookbook, Seven Colour with Fish, and I was very impressed.

The book features so many great recipes that I can’t wait to try out myself.

If, like me, you prefer your canned fish with a host of other ingredients, then you will love these recipes.

What I also love about the recipes is that it uses simple ingredients and the fish is transformed into really fancy party snacks or light meals.

These dishes are great for when you’re entertaining guests this holiday, but you are saving your Krismis vleis for a special occasion - like Christmas.

I had the pleasure of tasting some of the offerings and I included my favourites in the recipes below.

The Tuna Phyllo Samoosa with Cucumber Raita is a great summer snack. You also have to try the Pilchard “Meatballs” in salad cups.

Here’s to the festive season and turning blikkievis into fancy Fish Rissoles.

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