WONDERBAAR: Strawberry and ginger with blue berry tart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And for those who don’t care, happy Wednesday.

It’s the month of love and nothing says ek smaak jou like a lekker bord kos made by your liefie.

If, like me, you don’t particularly care about Valentine’s Day, but still want to treat your special person, why not surprise your person with a supper or a living room picnic.

There really is something about cooking for your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, and surprising them with a romantic supper and a sweet treat on the side.

My ouma once said as jy jou kos maak met liefde, dan kan ’n ander mens dit proe, so maak jou kos met liefde.

I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when my fish cakes were a total disaster because I was angry while making them.

My people didn’t even get to eat them, dit was so ’n groot gemors.

A few days later, using the exact same recipe and in a much better mood, my second attempt was a success.

Proof that love - and a good mood - is the secret ingredient to any dish, even something as simple as fish cakes.

There is no better way to bring people together - and share the love - than with a feast made with love.

So share the love, one plate of food or slice of cake at a time, this Valentine’s Day and treat your special person, or persons, to a home-cooked meal made with liefde!

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