LYK LEKKER: Salwa Smith's delicious Oreo ice-cream

Summer is officially here, people - although one wouldn’t have thought so what with the rain and clouds hanging over Cape Town this week.
But we welcome the rain even as our dams are running on empty.

Anyway, a warm day paired with a delicious, easy meal and dessert is never wasted.

As the colder days disappear to make way for warmer weather, so too we can say goodbye to heavy meals and welcome back lighter treats and, most importantly, ice-cream!

Although, who needs an excuse to chow roomys, right?

Just strictly going according to mall decorations here, it is clear Christmas is around the corner, mense.

Already many people are starting to think of those Christmas meals they will be preparing, and the guests who will be turning up.

Shoprite and other retailers have broken out the liggies, tinsel and trees and long queues are already starting to form as mense start buying their holiday kos and Christmas gifts, and getting re-acquainted with Boney M and Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD.

And you just know dis daai tyd vannie jaar when retail staff start wearing those odd little red hats.

Mothers are off their feet shopping, fathers are painting and gardening like crazy, so what better way to usher in the season than with simple, easy meals and treats that won’t break the bank, or your back?

Homemade ice-cream and quiche are perhaps not on your list of simple foods, but I found some recipes that even your child can make, like Salwa Smith’s Oreo ice-cream. Yummy!

Try these delicious recipes and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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