BOEBER QUEEN: Shanaaz Mohamed from Mitchells Plain.Photo: AYanda Ndamane

Since the first day of the fast, I have been threatened by my colleagues to make them boeber or else.

I work with the most amazing people, but being hungry makes them cranky. Lol.

Traditionally in Cape Town, boeber is served on the 15th day of Ramadaan.

That day is Thursday, and generally, Muslim tieties will make a huge pot of the creamy dessert-like soup and dish out bakkies boeber to their neighbours as well.

At my house, I have to make boeber every night because my kids prefer it over soup.

I am planning to make a pot boeber for my colleagues Thursday, except for Kim Kay, who in the 12 years I have known her, magically appears at my front door like a Boeber-fairy on the day, a flask in one hand and one eyebrow to the heavens, just waiting for me to say there is no boeber.

Just like there are many ways to skin a cat (apparently, I wouldn’t know personally) there are a few different ways to make boeber.

Some people like it very thick and creamy, with condensed milk, flaked almonds, sultanas, rose water, the works.

Others prefer it runny, less sweet, and without the spices.

I believe with all my heart that nobody can make boeber like my mother. Daai pot survive nie die aand nie.

Whichever way you like it, we have a recipe for all taste buds this week.

One of them is from the Daily Voice’s very own Boeber Queen, Shanaaz Mohamed from Mitchells Plain, who won our boeber competition in 2014.

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