ADDICTED: Meisie can’t let go of her ex-berk who got her pregnant

Q Dear Pearl, I am struggling to move on after my boyfriend dumped me a month ago.

You see, there is a little bump in the road to me getting over him I am pregnant with his laaitie. 

He has a new girlfriend, but I think I am still in love with him. We keep sleeping together even though we are broken up and he is with someone else.

I am very confused and think it’s because I love him that I can’t stop getting bymekaar with him. What must I do?

From Jessy J

A Ai tog Jessy, to say there is a little bump in the road is an understatement (despite the oulike pun you are making) – this really is a case where you can make a mountain out of a molehill, so to speak.

Of course you still have feelings for the baby daddy, you mos just broke up with him a month ago, plus you are pregnant with his baby! 

Yoh, between the emotional stress of a break-up and the shock of discovering you are knocked up, all mixed with the crazy hormones now running amok in your body, Auntie can understand you are confused.

That’s why I am going to tell you exactly what to do: Stop jumping in bed with your ex!

Jirre girl, it’s time to get your head straight. Luister mooi, you have to stop this loslyf maniere. You have more important things to worry about. In a few months, you are going to be a mother.

Stay away from that guy. All you need from him is to know whether he is going to be part of his child’s life. 

Even if he does not want to be there for his laaitie, he still has to pay papgeld and help support you
It’s time to grow up, fast, and start acting like an adult and enter into an adult understanding with this man. 

He made a baby with you, so he can’t just leave you to deal with the consequences. It takes two to tango. 
This guy sounds like a bit of a coward. Who dumps his girl right after he gets her pregnant?
Speaking of pregnant, Jessy, how could you have been so dof to get knocked up? Don’t you girls know by now that you always have to use protection? 

Manne, julle ook. If you don’t put a ring on her finger, you’d better put a glove on your move.
So here’s what you are going to do: First, go to the clinic and get a check-up and all the information you need on pregnancy. Two, stop having sex with your ex! Three, tune him about how the situation stands and come to an arrangement.

Good luck Jessy.