Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I have a moerse problem with my friend’s hubby. It all started six months ago already. We were at a New Year’s party and things were a bietjie wild, as you can expect at this kind of jol.

This guy groped me. I was upset at the time and told him to voetsek, but I let it go because of the wild night. But he did it again last week.
I have been good friends with this vark’s wife for many years. 

I don’t know if I should tell her, and anyway I don’t know if she would believe me. We’re all in our 30s; I’m single.

At the New Year’s party we were dancing and my friend was at the bar and that’s when her hubby kissed me and grabbed my breasts. 

I pushed him away and he just laughed, but didn’t do it again that night.

Last week I went to their house to drop off something and he was there alone and tried to kiss me and grabbed my ass.  When I told him to stop and he got onbeskof.

What must I do? I don’t want to lose my friend.

From Cherise

A Sies! What kind of vuil vark is this that gropes other women behind his wife’s back? Bleddie rubbish, that’s what Auntie thinks he is.

No man has the right to touch or kiss any woman in any way that she objects to. Listen, Cherise, this guy is a creep and your friend deserves better. 

If he is trying to get his hands all over your lady bits, who says he hasn’t tried with other women? 

And not all girls are as kwaai as you to tell him to voetsek. Especially if it’s at a party and the drinks are flowing. Some other tramp might have liked his advances and the next thing you know, he is full-on cheating on his wife.

It’s going to be tough, but he needs to be sorted out.  So what Auntie suggests is that you see him alone and tune him that if he ever tries that again, or if you even see or hear that he is trying it with other girls, you will tell his wife.

You can sommer be lekker kwaad and serious with him; he needs to know you mean business. Make him understand that his behaviour is unacceptable and not just because he is basically cheating on his wife but also because it is sexual harassment!

If you do have to tell your friend, she might get angry, but you have to keep calm and support her, even if it means she takes it out on you. 

She deserves to know the truth if her hubby does not keep his hands to himself in future. Once she has had time to reflect, Auntie is sure she will know where the real problem is.

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