NOT UP TO IT: Vrou is gatvol at her berk’s swak show during sex

Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I have a feeling my berk is just using me for a good time. 

Now I don’t want to blow my own horn here, Auntie, but the thing is I know I’m kinda good in bed, and he’s really just vrek lazy and lastig

Auntie, he always just lies there and enjoys a nice time, but never offers to do any of the work. 

I sometimes wondered if he even knows what to do...  

How can I get him to do some of the work? 

We live together and have been a couple for three years now. 

I would love a naughty Krismis present from him, but he’s just so vrek lazy. 

From Naughty Girl.

A Shame, meisie, I hope your man is not as lazy with everything in your relationship. 

Does he at least help with other things like cooking, cleaning and paying the bills?

If he’s just as luisgat with that dinge then Auntie can sommer tell you what the problem is – this man thinks you are there to serve him. 

And, to that, this Auntie shouts: “Aikhôna! Dis mos nie hoe ’n relationship werk nie! 

The two of you have to be equal partners in everything you do – and you should both put in effort in the relationship or try and find some way to share the load. 

Auntie will assume your berk is not as bad as all that and pulls his weight around the house, just not in bed, as you are still with him.

Naughty Girl, you mos sound lekker voor oppie wa and bietjie wet n wild en so. Could it be you are too much woman for this man and he’s a bietjie shy? 

Maybe he’s just not as sexually experienced as you are and doesn’t know the moves and dinge. 

Have you even tried to talk to him about it or about what you would like in bed?

Everyone always says it, but we all say it because it’s true: Communication is the key to a happy relationship and a good sex life.

Now, dear, it can be an arrige ding to tell your man what he should do in bed. 

You mos know, men are very sensitive about their “performance”.

So why not maak him wys while you are busy in the heat of the moment? 

Just take his hands and move them to where you want to be touched. 

Auntie’s going to assume your name’s not Naughty Girl for nothing… 

If he still does not get the picture you are going to have to be more direct and wys him you’re not happy with his performance and he’d better jack up.