MOVE ON: Dump your rof boyfriend

Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I have been dating my boyfriend for almost two years now. For Christmas, I gave him a really expensive watch, and he never even said thank you.

He even pushed me away when I wanted sex and gave me nothing for Christmas! We didn’t even spend New Year’s together. 

I also feel very sad because he comes home late most nights and then switches his phone off so I can’t phone him. 

If I ask him where he was, he says it’s none of my business. We live together and I also work and bring money home, it’s not just him.

I’m not gonna lie, Auntie, I’m a bietjie dik, like I’m a size 38, and he’s forever telling me I’m dik and vet. I always try to look good and take care of myself. 

I never say anything back, but it hurts. 

I will cook and clean and do everything, but I don’t think he appreciates any of it. 

I feel like I should leave him and wanted to do it before the new year started. I’m tired of being treated like this and I wish I can find a man that will appreciate what I do.

He is 43 years old and I’m 37. I don’t have any kids.

From Ola.

A Ola, Ola, Ola, listen up - it’s time to ditch the dirt! This Auntie is confused… why are you with this man in the first place? 

You sound like a classy lady – you give nice gifts, you keep an organised and clean house, you look after yourself, you have a job and contribute to society and the household, niks los kinders nie, plus you’re a saucy plus-sized lady – so wat is your berk’s problem? 

And being so at the age of 43? Jinne tog, who does he think he is? 

Now, Ola, Auntie can still forgive his vark houding and his slegte maniere and him putting off his phone and not giving you a gift, but to tune you-you are dik and vet to your face, that’s just plein onbeskof en onnodig! 

You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life, especially not in 2019 – it’s a new year, so once again, it’s time to ditch the dirt! 

Tell him it’s time he shapes up or he ships out – not getting you anything for Christmas while you got him a kwaai gift was probably his way of telling you it’s over. 

It doesn’t sound like you have much kept you together Ola, so it might be in both your best interests to end whatever is left of this relationship. 

It sounds like it’s just getting worse and taking its dying breaths.  

Don’t end January with this worry, Ola. Make 2019 your year and there is definitely a man out there who will appreciate what you do, plus your bootylicious body.