STRAIGHT TALK: Tell your berk you don’t like him writing letters to girls. Photo: Pixabay

Q Hi Auntie, I want to know from you if this is right. 

My boyfriend and I are in Grade 10 and we go to the same school. 

We have been together for a year now, even over the school holidays.

I don’t know if I am being unfair, but I don’t like it that he writes letters to other girls in the school.

He says he is just good friends with these girls, but he does not want to show me what he writes in the letters.

Should I be worried about this? 

Before we started dating he also wrote me letters, and even asked me out with a letter.

From Bee.

A Jinne, where did you find a guy who still writes letters? 

It’s almost unheard of in this age of cellphones and social media!

But, meisie, you have to keep an eye on your man.

This briefies skryf affêre sounds dodgy to Auntie, especially since he doesn’t want you to see what he writes.

You know, maybe it is nothing and your boyfriend is just someone who likes to write to others, but it sounds like he is only writing to girls, and that makes Auntie smell a vrot vis.

You two are still very young, and it is normal that you won’t know everything about each other or share everything. 

But these briefies to other girls don’t sound lekker.

If you think your berk is chising other girls behind your back, you need to confront him and tell him straight up you don’t like it.

There’s nothing wrong with a guy having girls as friends. 

But there is something wrong when your boyfriend or girlfriend hides things from you.

Just be straight with your guy;tell him you don’t like him writing secret things to all these girls, and he either has to tell you what he is writing about or you will break things off.