Whitney Thore weighs in on body image with her TLC Entertainment reality series, My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Q Hi there Auntie Pearl, please don’t laugh at my email.

Last weekend I went out with friends and we had a few beers too many.

It got pretty late and the club was still full and die ding het geruk. 

The next thing I know I was heading home and getting bymekaar with this kin.

Auntie, she is a big girl and I normally only smaak the sexy meisies.

But here’s the thing... she was amazing in bed and now I can’t stop thinking about her.

My pals with their skinny girlfriends will laugh if they knew I hooked up with this girl, since I’m always gaaning aan about the hotties.

Anyways, this girl is still all up in my gedagtes and I just want to be back with her. 

She’s sent me a WhatsApp, but I have not replied yet.

What should I do?

From Big Benny

A Luister jy nou mooi vir Auntie, before you even read the rest of my answer, you reply to that girl you got bymekeaar with and tell her you want to meet for a proper date.

Ag, no man Benny, you mos don’t want to be a vark who only chases girls for their looks.

If this meisie rocked your world, auntie says go for it because believe me, my boy, that does not happen often.

Forget about what your so-called friends would think about you dating a “big” girl and give this relationship a shot. 

Auntie thinks this girl is more to you than just a good night between the sheets. 

You probably had a really lekker time with her, chatting and dancing and getting to know each other, and of course spending the night together… and now you have a crush on her. 

That’s kwaai.  And there’s nothing wrong with a girl with a bietjie lyf.

And you and your friends should stop body-shaming girls.

Everyone’s idea of sexy is different and that goes for big and skinny chicks.

Take this goose out on a date that’s not at the club, and doesn’t involve dop. 

And don’t just jump in bed with her again. You need to find out if you smaak her for real and then take it from there.

Speaking of which, Auntie hopes you two are using protection!

So stop being a coward and give her a call or send her a message. 

You never know, there might be something special between you two.

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