LUS: Ou likes older woman. CREDIT: File photo

Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I am 21 years old and get very horny for older women. 

I just want to know if it is normal.

From Herman

A Herman, there’s nothing wrong with smaaking a lady who is older than you. 

It’s mos a private preference – we don’t all like the same music, cars, TV shows or drinks. We are all different.

Where one guy might like girls his own age, guys like you want a bit more maturity. That’s kwaai. But there are limits!

Imagine a 50-year-old ballie dating an 18-year-old girl. That’s just gross. The same goes for a pensioner of 60-something looking to get it on with a 21-year-old Ben 10.

But Auntie suspects you are not talking about a relationship, you are just physically lus for the ou vroue. This sounds like more of a fantasy.

There’s also nothing wrong with this. 

Sometimes a fantasy goes away as time goes by, sometimes it’s something that you just have to get out of your system, and other times it’s a lifelong longing. 

Anyway, don’t worry about it, there’s nothing wrong with you.

If the lady is willing and able, go for it.