FALLOUT: Woman used her friend. Photo: Supplied.

Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I am really die moer in with an old friend. 

I have just returned from the Eastern Cape where she stays.

What she did was to invite me to come visit her for a week or two, but as soon as I set foot in her house, she told me she “has to go to the hospital”.

Then she had the nerve to ask me to also take care of her husband. 

He is sick and needs to go to the hospital every three days.

I was very angry, but what could I do? 

The poor man needed help.

And by the way, I doubt that she is sick, she looked fine. I’m pretty sure she went jolling with her skelmpie

I know she has cheated on her hubby in the past.

So there I was, helping the man, cooking and cleaning.

When she came back, I gave her a klap and really skelled her out properly.

It’s almost certain our friendship is over.

Did I overreact? I don’t know whether I should try and patch things up. 

From Pam.

A Jinne Pam, I must say, you are a kwaai tjommie.

You are actually a very good person for sticking around and helping the poor man. 

And you are definitely a better person than many others for also cleaning and cooking for him.

Auntie can’t believe the nerve of that geitjie, leaving you to take care of her house and husband while she is out jolling.

That’s right, Auntie sommer agrees with you that she was not in the hospital. 

If that was the case, surely her husband would have confirmed it, and they would have made proper preparations.

Good grief, they are both ill, why can’t they go to the hospital together?

Now Auntie can’t condone violence, but we can all understand you taking your anger out on her and giving her a bekskoot

Next time, rather stick to words, but what’s done is done.

As far as your so-called friendship is concerned, you should say good riddance to bad rubbish, because that’s what that vrou is. 

Net plein sleg!

A person mos doesn’t treat a friend in this way. 

Even after you got physical and gave her a tongue-lashing, she should still have thanked you for all you did.

Nee wat meisie, scratch these people off your Christmas card list and forget about them.

It’s sad to lose a friend, but maybe she was never your friend, to begin with.

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