FOCUS: Matric pupil can’t concentrate on her studies because she smaaks onnie

Q Dear Auntie Pearl, I am in matric and it is almost the end of the year and then I will be done with school.
I am not scared or sad about finishing my education, there is another problem. When I am klaar, I will never see my accounting teacher again.
Auntie, this meneer is so dreamy. I loved going to his class because I could stare at him for the whole class.
Every day I had to go do the work again at home, because I couldn’t konsentreer in class.
Should I tell him how I feel? I will mos soon be done with school and then we can go on a date!
I sometimes think he smaaks me as well, because he looks at me in class.
From Cindy.

A My kind, you need to get those muisneste out of your head. This isn’t the time of year for you to be daydreaming about guys, never mind your teacher. 
You should be focusing on your exams.
How did your accounting eksamen go last month? Auntie hopes you managed to study properly, and did not just sit around dreaming about your onnie.
If you are slim with numbers, you have a bright future ahead of you. Do not throw it away over some crush, because ja girl, that’s what this is – a schoolgirl crush.
Almost all of us have smaaked one of our teachers at some point. When we are young, our teachers have a big impact on our lives, especially if it is a good teacher.
But here’s the thing… this relationship won’t go anywhere. Chances are 99,99% that he only sees you as a student. Don’t read anything into him “looking” at you in class, he has to look at all the pupils!
You’re young and vulnerable, and deurmekaar emotions are simply a part of growing up. It’s easy to confuse romantic passion for admiration.
Auntie suggests you throw yourself head-first into your studies. This is one of the most important times of your life. ’n Goeie score in jou eksamens will lead to a good job.
Also think how your crush is going to feel if you fail and sit again in his class next year.
It’s just a few more weeks, then you are klaar with school. Then you can go have a lekker holiday, and from Auntie’s experience she can tell you a summer holiday romance is waiting for you… with someone your own age.
Trust me, Cindy, when you won’t be seeing your accounting teacher all the time, you will soon get over the crush. Out of sight, out of mind, mos. Now, go hit the books!

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