OBEY LIMITS: Stop wasting water or suffer
A crisis is usually when people come together to find a solution. But I’ve learned that it’s also when divisions become most visible.

I’m talking about our water crisis.

It has the potential to change how we live our lives irrevocably.

How is it possible that some people care, while others don’t understand the severity of it?

I was disturbed to hear that every time our City bosses appeal for us to use less water, the daily consumption goes up, instead of coming down.

Some people just will not allow their lawns to go a little brown, so they continue to use hose pipes and sprinklers.

What bothers me even more are those of us who haven’t heard about the restrictions.

These are people who continue to use and even waste water as they always have.

I see them washing their cars with running hose pipes in the middle of hot days when water wastage is at its height.

I went to have a conversation with someone wetting their garden one afternoon last week.

I approached politely and asked if he knew about the water restrictions.

I told him that we only have a few days’ water left in our dams.

He looked at me like I was talking through my neck. And then asked me whether I believed he could make a difference by not hosing his lawn.

It was at this point I wanted to shake him into consciousness. But I didn’t.

I assured him that every little bit counts and if we all did a bit, it would make a massive difference.

I left him standing there with his hose in his hands, clearly determined to continue watering his grass.

The fact is, if water shedding is implemented or our taps run dry, we are all going to suffer.