Ref Victor Gomes

The curious case of Victor Gomes

He is the referee probably most criticised every season and he’s always involved in the most controversial games.

Off the field. Gomes is a nice guy. He’s easy to talk to always friendly and definitely very chilled.

But it’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation once he steps onto the field.

On Sunday when I saw him on the plane to Bloemfontein for the Nedbank Cup clash between Celtic and SuperSport United, I just knew we could expect a penalty or a red card at the very least.

There were two penalties in the first half and while the first was legit, the second one - awarded to the home side - was for a trip on Menzi Masuku that happened outside the box.

REVELATION: Celtic's Menzi Masuku

The player said as much in his post-match interview.

Gomes has been at the centre of some big storms this season, one of those happened just last week in the top-of-the-table clash between Cape Town City and Mamelodi Sundowns.

The ref sent off Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane and again he came under fire from critics and football fans all over social media.

Why did he have to send Pitso off first time like that? Why didn’t he give him a warning or talk to him?

I think, and this is just my personal opinion, that Gomes is not one of those referees who let’s things slide.

There are some refs who understand that sport is emotional and that people are bound to react in the heat of the moment so they will let certain things go.

That’s not Gomes I think he is very strict and decisive and sometimes it makes him the bad guy.

According to Gomes, Pitso has been getting very personal in his criticism and attacks lately and while he won’t disclose what the coach said to him that led to the red card there is definitely another side to the story.

SENT OFF: Downs boss Pitso Mosimane

He is accused of making every game he officiates the “Victor Gomes show”.

And when you look at some of the things he’s done - five red cards in one game, sending off ball boys etc - it’s easy to see why he is continually to be portrayed as the villain.

DECISIONS: City v Mamelodi Sundowns

And yet his star is on the rise in international football with a recent stint at the Chan in Morocco.

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