You won’t be able to spot him because he’ll be doing his darndest to try and conceal the fact that he’s R232 million richer than last week.

This after the 50-year-old won South Africa’s largest ever PowerBall jackpot.

Hallelujah! It’s a miracle. His life will never be the same again.

And by the sounds of it, the poor dad is deserving of his good fortune.

Oh, the things one can do with R232 million in the bank, just imagine.

A lot of people would march straight into the boss’ office, tell them to take their job and shove it, and resolve to never work another day in their lives ever again.

Since you’ve quit the 9 to 5 and the world’s your oyster, get out and do a bit of travelling.

And now that money’s no option, you can buy the best clothes, shoes, food, cellphones, jewellery, alles.

That’s what most mense would do.

But not our winner, who said: “I am very excited and glad that I won this. For me this will open doors for my kids’ education because that is very important for me”

The general worker, who bought his lucky ticket at the OK Mini Mark in Goodwood said he’d been playing the same numbers for 12 years before he eventually struck it lucky.

His advice to other winners? “Whoever wins the next jackpot, just be yourself, respect yourself, respect other people. Especially the people at Ithuba’s offices, and take it step by step. Use the money carefully.

“Education is very important. Support your kids with whatever they need. If the money is there, give it to them.”

He said that he would keep working as a general worker for the time being, or people would get “suspicious” of his sudden change in lifestyle.

“We are going to save, and won’t live for the world to see, because it’s very dangerous out there,” he added.

Munier’s not gonna lie, if he were to skiet such a groot geluk, he would make sure he and his familie were lekker uitgesort.

R32 million would more than cover his and his mense’s “needs”.

But what to do with the other R200m?

Well, put another R50m in a safe place, invest it, you know, for a rainy day, mos.

And the other R150m? Well, Munier keeps reading about all these young promising sports stars and musicians out there who need a hand to reach for their dreams.

And non-profit organisations and feeding schemes trying to raise funds for their communities.

These worthy causes often rely on the goodness of people’s hearts and the little they have in their pockets.

But imagine if someone with really, deep pockets were to start making all these tiny dreams come true.

Then we’d all win the jackpot.

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