VICTIM: Rene was murdered
Remeber the Momentum scandal? Where the insurer refused to pay out R2.4 million in life cover to the family of a Durban man who was shot dead in a hijacking, because he’d failed to disclose that he had high blood sugar levels before taking out the policy?

If you recall, the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance found in favour of Momentum.

These big corporates mos know how to play the game, the devil is in the detail and they are masters of fine print.

Ombudsman stats for complaints settlement show that only 29% cases settled in favour of the complainants.

In the people’s court of social media, Momentum did not get off so lightly.

In fact, they got annihilated and ended up paying out the R2.4m.

Happy ending. I mean, it wasn’t diabetes that killed Nathan Ganas, was it? It was a skollie’s bullet.

Anyway, Momentum took a helluva beating and the case has shaken up the whole insurance industry.

But not enough, though.

Here in the Cape, another company is making a gat of its name very quickly.

This week, the Daily Voice published the stories of two families who have not received funeral payouts, after taking out policies with Emerald Life, Funeral Insurance and Wealth Creator.

In the one case, Emmanuel Jacobs’ family were denied their money because they “submitted the claim too late”.

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You see, the 35-year-old had been struck by a train and his body had been in a morgue, unidentified and unclaimed, for eight months.

Emerald says they have noted the family’s complaint and have sent the case to their underwriters for consideration. But no feedback yet.

In a more high-profile case, Chrissandre Jacobs, the mother of murdered Rene-Tracy Roman has been waiting nearly two years for the 13-year-old girl’s funeral payout.

Chrissandre says Emerald has been giving the grieving family the runaround for 21 months.

And all they want is the R7500 owed to them.

It’s shameful the way they’ve been treated.

These are poor people who have their premiums deducted from their Sassa money every month in the hope of a dignified burial.

Often they don’t know any better and are easily done in.

If you have had a similar experience with Emerald or another company, you’re advised to contact the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance on 021 657 5000 / 0860 103 236 or email [email protected]

But if you don’t come right, write to us at [email protected]

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