STAY AT HOME: You can sit on your gat all day as you can have everything at the touch of a button. Photo: SUPPLIED

What is becoming of us?

At some point we, as humans, need to press pause, take a step back and look at how technology has changed our lives.

Munier was reading about Nike’s new “self-lacing” takkies the other day when he thought, “What next?”

With the Nike Adapt BB, using a smartphone app, a custom motor and sensor gauges the tension needed by the foot and adjusts the shoe accordingly to keep the foot snug.

The new Nikes will go on sale in America next month for $350, or just under R5000. (When the spoilt teenage laaities hear about this, there’s gonna be trouble!)

So, what this means is, in the near future, technology will do away with the everyday act of tying shoelaces.

STAY AT HOME: You can sit on your gat all day as you can have everything at the touch of a button. Photo: SUPPLIED

Wow, credit where it’s due. It truly is amazing all the things we can do with technology, isn’t it?

Everything is becoming so “easy”.

With gadgets and apps doing all the work, we don’t have to do anything anymore.

These days you don’t have to go out to cinemas, concerts, theatres and sports matches - you can watch all of that on TV, or stream it on your laptop, tablet or phone.

You don’t have to go to shopping malls because you can buy stuff online.

You don’t have to cook or eat out at restaurants because you can order online.

Some people have the option of logging on and working from home, which saves them from commuting to the office and having to interact with colleagues.

You don’t have to drive, you can Uber.


You don’t have to see the world outside - we have drones, Google Maps and Accuweather.

You don’t have to play your favourite sports if you have an XBox.

You don’t have to visit your friends and relatives - they’re all on social media.

You don’t even have to learn or use your brain - you can Google it!

Now, don’t misunderstand, these are all wonderful technological advancements.

But while the tech is getting smarter, where does it leave us, as humans?

The unintended effect is that we are becoming lazy, inactive, disengaged, alienated, high-tech couch potatoes.

Another side-effect is that it unleashes people’s inner trolls.

Ever notice how nasty people can be when communicating on social media?

Then when interacting in person, or in public, they suddenly turn into polite and respectful individuals.

Or perhaps they are reminded of old-fashioned good manners when engaging with a fellow human being - as opposed to a screen.

All things considered, as much as Munier loves his tech, he prefers living in the real world.

And sometimes he wishes the techies would focus more on finding solutions to the water crisis; alternative fuel and electricity sources; healthcare and education.

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