WHAT A MONTH: 2010 Fifa World Cup in SA. Photo: Luigi Bennett/Backapagepix
Munier was listening to the radio this week when the song Wavin’ Flag, by K’naan, came on, and as he sang along, he was transported back to 2010 and the Fifa World Cup here in South Africa.

What a magical time - the whole world converged on our shores for one month of the Beautiful Game.

Mense were gripped by football fever, colourful fans poured into the city’s streets, which were abuzz with vuvuzelas, Cape Town Stadium was packed and so were the fan parks.

It was a fantastic time for South Africa, for locals and visitors alike.

Apart from the euphoria that the World Cup brought - and that sensational first goal by Siphiwe Tshabalala - there was sense of accomplishment.

By God, we did it!

Against all odds, the first African nation with our high crime rate, unemployment and poor infrastructure, had successfully pulled off the world’s largest sports event.

For that one month, nothing was impossible. The country felt safer, crime came to a halt. Was it because the skollies were all on a soccer holiday?

Or was it because the police were in the international spotlight and under pressure to do a good job?

Whatever the case, we showed that we can be a world-class nation.

Now, as Russia 2018 kicks off this week, let it be a reminder of what South Africa has achieved in the recent past and what we are capable of doing in the future.

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