By now,  everyone has seen the video of Adam Catzavelos boasting that beaches in Greece are "heaven on earth" without "[email protected]!rs".

And by now, the (unemployed) businessman will have learnt that racism and stupidity is a dangerous combination. Especially on Twitter and in South Africa, where being branded a racist is as bad as being labelled a rapist.

Didn't he know that? A smart entrepreneur and marketing director at his family business, St George's Fine Foods.

Apparently not. Well, as the saying goes: "as jy dom is, moet jy k**." The problem is, he's not k**king alone. All his mense are seemingly guilty by association.

He's been fired by his family company, which has been shut down temporarily. The business has lost top clients. His wife was outed as a top exec at Nike, which is also taking flak on social media.

Now even his kids' school in Joburg has banned him from the property. It's not fair - all of them may not be racists. But because he is now famous - or infamous - so are they.

It's like being the child of Kim Kardashian - there's no way of escaping the spotlight. Adam, Adam, Adam, what have you done?

He's been tjoepstil so far, no sign of an apology. What would he say, though? How does he explain his way out of this?

Vicky Momberg could at least fume that she was gatvol of being a victim of crime when she was filmed letting rip at a black traffic cop. 

But Adam, he was just loving life on a beach and relishing in his own racism. Well, best thing for him to do is stay right there in "heaven" and help save the poor, sinking Greek economy.

And stay away from us [email protected]!rs here in hell, where his family made their fortune.

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