IDEA: Consider adopting

It was World Adoption Day last Thursday. And it got me thinking of the strong culture of adoption on the Cape Flats.
Growing up, I knew about a few cases of adoption in my neighbourhood and in my family.

I’ve heard about people adopting their teenage children’s babies, grandparents adopting their grandchildren, uncles and aunts adopting nieces and nephews, neighbours adopting children whose parents have died and many other variations.

And yet there are so many children still living in the city’s orphanages and living on the streets.

I want to encourage you to consider adoption, if you can afford it, or if you’re struggling to have children of your own.

There’s something magical about adopted children; a love that has a strong sense of eternal gratitude, coupled with a drive to succeed.

Some of the world’s most successful people were adopted; John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Malcolm X, Marilyn Monroe, Jamie Foxx and even the world’s current richest man, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Our very own Nelson Mandela was adopted by an uncle, after his father passed away when he was nine.

So if you haven’t considered it before, think about it.

Or at least spare a thought for children in orphanages this festive season. Go visit, take them a gift or a plate of your delicious lunch.

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