Mark Zuckerberg came off looking like a James Bond villain last week: a stinking rich madman determined to take over the world.

American lawmakers spent two days cross-questioning the man who dreamed up Facebook and continues to run the company, which has made him one of the world’s wealthiest people.

And it’s done with one of the smartest business models known to man - let your customers do all the work, and you take all the cash and glory.

Facebook makes a fortune from your and my addiction to posting videos and comments.

It’s awesome, addictive content that we willingly and freely produce for Facebook, allowing it to charge companies a fortune to advertise.

To give their advertisers guarantees of our interest in their products, Facebook (and others, like Google) collects a lot of information about us.

And it’s that information that Facebook has not been taking good enough care of.

Why should we care, you ask?

For most of us Facebook is just a bit of innocent fun.

Well, by not storing our personal information safely, Facebook allowed a shady British company to exploit that data and spread fake news stories, which many believe was one of the reasons Donald Trump became president of America.

And that is the real major concern.

Data or information has become the world’s most precious commodity.

Everybody who is selling something wants to get hold of our information.

We have volunteered that information to social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, which makes them extremely powerful.

Just think that a relatively innocent business like Facebook may have been responsible for putting a maniac in charge of the world’s greatest nuclear arsenal.

And he has already threatened war against North Korea and Russia.

So this is actually pretty damn important, because a Facebook leak may end up causing World War lll.

And because he is able to influence what we believe, it may just make Zuckerberg THE most powerful person on earth right now.

If he had evil intentions, he could influence and sway elections in every country on the planet.

And the problem is that we are simply trusting that his intentions are not evil.

For the sake of this argument (and our sanity), let’s assume that we are right and he is, in fact, a good guy.

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