LEGLESS: Taufiq Carr optimistic after crash
Taufiq Carr is recovering in hospital, and I am happy to hear that he is remaining positive.

The 26-year-old is the one who was behind the wheel of the BMW that was involved in the N1 crash a few weeks ago.

While his friend and passenger got off lightly, both Taufiq’s legs had to be amputated.

He gave an interview recently where he speaks about staying positive, which he believes is speeding up his recovery.

He sounds like a great guy who will emerge on the other side of this ordeal pretty much intact.

LEGLESS: Taufiq Carr optimistic after the crash

Taufiq is the father of two small children and there’s another one on the way.

His young family looks ideal and he obviously does okay for himself.

But I did pick up something that I feel needs to be criticised.

When his mother spoke to the media after the accident, she said that she isn’t paying attention to any of the negative comments about her son and his illegal racing.

Taufiq said pretty much the same thing; that he was ignoring the negative comments and moving forward.

He added that he wants to race again, but this time he will be keeping it legal.

The negative comments from me and others come from a place of anger mostly.

Like I said previously, we don’t really care about you putting your own life in danger on a private road somewhere.

On the public roads, though, that’s where I drive with my family.

If I see you racing behind me, I will be tempted to get out of the way to let you speed past.

And if we are giving way at the same time and aiming for the same lane, then you could be responsible for a tragedy I did not ask for.

I don’t know you, Taufiq, and while I am happy that your kids still have their daddy around, I don’t think you should ignore all of the negative comments about what happened.

Your racing club that welcomes anyone, even without a drivers’ license, is a danger to everyone who uses the freeways.

And one day that road fatality could be you, a relative or even your own children.

I would really have liked you to talk about what happened to you with less glee and bravado, and more of a warning and a cautionary tale.

Because the very next week after your accident, your buddies were at it again, tempting an even greater tragedy.