‘BEST’: Hlaudi Motsoeneng
I must be very careful with what I’m about to say. Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been the target of a few of my angry pieces of writing in the past.

But despite what I (and many others) have to say about him, he keeps popping up, like those weeds that grow between your paving. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of them.

Last week the former SABC chief launched his own political party - the African Content Movement (ACM), and Hlaudi was at his self-promoting best.

It’s clear that his disastrous run at the SABC has gone to his shiny head and solidified his delusions of grandeur. Or has it?

Despite having practically decimated the SABC, Hlaudi says he is “the best leader in the country”, is “unique” and has an “independent mind”.

The last time we heard similar narcissistic claims from a man, he was voted in as America’s 45th leader. And Hlaudi has made it clear that he is after Cyril Ramaphosa’s job and that the ACM is merely a vehicle to get him there.

So I ask you now with tears in my eyes, does this man stand a chance?

He is following the same tactic that Donald Trump introduced to the world of politics - overly-confident bragging about his ability to deliver on a vague, but ambitious agenda.

Am I going to eat my words again, or are voters going to punish him for what he did at the SABC and for what he will most likely do to our country.

He is, after all, a big fan of Jacob Zuma’s.