It’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday, so don’t forget to do something special for that special someone in your life.

I was reminded recently how quickly special someones can be taken away from us.

A very good friend of mine suddenly lost her young brother last week.

She can’t even fathom exactly what happened and how a hospital stays for something relatively simple, turned into her having to plan a funeral for him.

Another friend of mine is still struggling to come to terms with having lost his wife some time ago.

They were at the beginning of building their beautiful family together when tragedy struck, leaving their two young children without their mother.

Another friend of mine is living life to the fullest because she has to go for a second mastectomy this weekend and, while I tell her not to worry, she doesn’t know what to expect; if she will open her eyes again.

Another friend was putting his affairs in order and getting ready to breathe his last breath later this year when he was told that his cancer was in fact misdiagnosed.

This young man has gone from almost certainly dying before the end of the year, to definitely living a long healthy life.

The point I am making is; make every day a special one.

But if you can put some extra effort into it, make Valentine’s Day extra special, because life can be cruel.