What happened at Helen Zille’s very last State of the Province speech?

I am still trying to figure out exactly how her husband, Johann Maree, became the main story of the event.

All I know is that she eventually got upset with the constant interruptions from ANC members, who then walked out.

Maree made some comment, apparently about how rude and disrespectful they were.

They called him names and the whole thing escalated to the point of an investigation.

I understand the ANC takes their provincial opposition role very seriously, but couldn’t they let Zille make her final speech with dignity; which, by the way, they would expect if it was their person up there.

Two observations: Firstly, it will remain very difficult for the Western Cape ANC to point fingers at the DA considering what’s happening nationally at the moment.

When you have so much wrong being exposed nationally, it would be best for the provincial ANC to keep quiet and not make mountains out of mole hills.

To us voters, it just looks like petulant and juvenile tit-for-tat.

Nothing the DA does in the Western Cape - no matter how bad - can compare with the actions that are being exposed from ruling party members.

Secondly, how strange was it to see the EFF sitting quietly during this mudslinging?

It seems that their parliamentary MO has been hijacked by the Western Cape ANC.

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