BE CAREFUL: Crowbar gang

Is it just me, or has there be a sudden increase in crowbar gang burglaries lately?

Almost every week, I’d hear of a break-ins in Rondebosch, Wynberg, Park Estate, Lansdowne, Rylands, Surrey Estate and most recently in Southfield.

It appears the Southern Suburbs are becoming easy targets.

Apparently they drive around in regular cars looking for houses where it’s obvious no one is at home.

They ring the bell to make sure, lift the electronic gate off its track and reverse into the driveway ever so calmly.

They are in and out of the house in minutes with electronic appliances.

Neighbourhood watches are now on alert for these guys, but it appears they operate only during the daytime, when guards are down and people are at work. So be vigilant and get to know the cars in your neighbourhood.

These guys usually operate as three or four guys and drive around aimlessly.

My neighbour told me about a guy who rang her doorbell, before attempting to fiddle with the gate.

When she shouted at him, he claimed to be lost and looking for a certain school.

Pay attention to cars that are reversed into driveways with the boot open.

Use your phone to take pictures of suspicious cars. You never know when the cops may be looking for that very car.

The more of us who become aware of our neighbourhood security, the less chance these guys have to clean us out.