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Q Dear Pearl, I work at Cape Town Airport and I sometimes have terrible shifts. 

But I met a guy who flies internationally a lot and he always greets me.

We have even talked a little, and now we are chatting on the phone.

Auntie, I think I am starting to get feelings for this international man.

Am I living in a fantasy world? Can a relationship like this ever work?

We see each other maybe once a month, and only for a few minutes.

But we chat a lot on the phone.

I am just a girl from the Flats, can I dream of a prince in the sky?

From ‘Sally’

A Sjoe, for some reason Auntie is picturing this guy as some kind of James Bond. A man of mystery who has his eye on the girl in whatever foreign country he is in.

First off, Sally, let Auntie just say there is no such thing as “just a girl from the Flats”. You are someone, you are important and you deserve whatever you can dream of!

You mos have to have a dream in life... and Auntie is not just talking about romance here. 

If you want to achieve something in life – go for it.

Now Sally, as much as Auntie wants to tell you one of these days you are going to be sitting on a yacht in Dubai sipping champagne with your jetsetter dream lover, let’s be realistic for a moment.

All that chatting on the phone means nothing if he is not making some kind of effort to spend time with you in person!

Next time when he is in Cape Town, tell him you want to go out and get to know each other better.

If he sounds keen, then there’s a possibility of a real romance. 

If he starts making excuses, then this guy is not looking for love.

Just keep in mind, he flies a lot, so he might have stukkies all over the place.

Even worse, there’s all kinds of other dangers such as human trafficking. 

So be extra careful when you meet up, tell someone about him and your date, just in case.