SENSATION: Idols 2017 winner Paxton Fielies needs a good head on her young shoulders

Q Dear Aunty Merle

I saw your video on the Daily Voice’s Facebook page, where you said you are a big fan of Paxton Fielies. So am I!!!

Aunty, I’m just worried about how Paxton is dealing with all the pressure of being an Idol.

She’s only 17 and has her whole life ahead of her. You are also famous, you mos have your own show now, too. And you are close with Marc Lottering and other celebs. What advice do you have for Paxton and other young stars looking to make it in showbiz?

From Mavis vannie Lavis

A Dear Mavis

I cannot tell you how happy I am for little Paxton.

With a name like Paxton, of course she was going to be famous! And that’s why I insist that people get her name right. It’s a such a beautiful name.

I told people at the MyCiTi bus stop the other day: it’s not PEXton!!! It’s PAXton! Waar wil jy wees met PEXton!

My nerves were finished while I was watching that last episode of Idols. The children had to put a tablet under my tongue just to keep me calm.

And as I always say, all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

I mean, who knew we would be sitting here celebrating a winner all the way from Bishop Lavis!

I’m sure that the rest of South Africa went into shock and immediately went onto Google to find out where Bishop Lavis is. Because we mos now know that Bishop Lavis is slightly different to Bishopscourt! Life is packed full of surprises.

And then after they announced that Paxton won, there was that man on TV who was so excited that he tore off his shirt and went topless, nogal on a Sunday!

Oh my goodness me, my big screen plasma TV has never captured so much drama and nudity in one day. My remote sommer locked itself into adult mode!

I was just praying for him the whole of the following week, hoping he did not catch the flu because it can get very chilly after 5.

Now, of course, I’m very worried about all that money that Paxton won. I am just praying that they did not put all the cash in one carrier bag. Because I think that that could be very dangerous.

Very many people will suddenly be extremely interested in helping her carry that carrier bag.

Which brings me to my big warning to Paxton: be very careful, my child. Every Fielies in the phone book is now going to suddenly claim to be your cousin who wants to make a loan until their Sassa money comes through.

Paxton, be on your guard, kanala. If these people do not appear in any of your family photo albums, then they are not family. Especially if they are looking a little bit wild.

You know what I mean: the ones who are missing a few teeth and don’t look so fresh.

They are not your family; even if they have birth certificates that say “Fielies”. Just tell them to go away and find another Fielies.

So, my dear Paxton, Aunty Merle is wishing you all the love and luck in the world. Stay humble, my sweetheart. And just remember that people are going to take a lotta photos with you wherever you go.

And some people will have phones with no nice photo filters, because they struggle financially.

So you are just going to have to make sure that you always look amazing when you go to the mall. Because you don’t want to look terrible on Facebook. Dan gaan niemand vir jou poke nie.

All my love, Aunty Merle x