BAIE BEK: Jacob Zuma

He was addressing church leaders, their followers and ANC (African National Party) supporters in Durban yesterday during a prayer service dedicated to asking for protection from his opponents.

In reference to the SACP (SA Communist Party), Zuma said “some people should talk about socialism instead of ANC”.

“They have time to waste discussing ANC on Saturday and Sunday. They don’t talk about themselves while they have serious problems of their own.

“We were told that we are going to adopt socialism. When we are going to start fighting for it? From the morning the person is not talking about socialism, but he is just talking about the ANC.”

He said Cosatu should focus on workers’ issues because since the world was approaching a fourth industrial revolution, “the computers are taking over jobs from workers”.

“We don’t hear them discussing the future of the workers, but they are busy discussing the ANC.

“This president is not contesting against anyone, and he is only preparing to retire and enjoy his pension. Why is the person preparing to retire being fought against?”