SLAIN: Zahnia Woodward

The court session was a hard one for Cindy Woodward, 20, as it was six months to the day that her baby girl was shot and killed in her father’s arms on 30 December, in Ocean View.

Christopher September, Larry Johnson, Tashwill Kreel and Morné May, were among a group of five men who allegedly shot at Zahnia, her father Bradley Robyn, 24 and his friend.

Little Zahnia was shot in the back of the head and her father in his side.

Two of the accused, September and Johnson, already have Legal Aid, now the other two, Kreel and May, who both had defence attorneys, have also requested a state defence.  

Cindy was prepared to face the men accused of killing her child, but was emotional about the court date issue.

“This is a hard one for me. No matter how much time has passed, I still feel empty, like a part of me was taken away. Maybe it will go away some day, but for now, it’s still as raw as the day she took her last breath in that ambulance,” says Cindy.

The case has been postponed to tomorrow, to give Kreel and May time to find Legal Aid. 

Pre-trial at the Western Cape High Court is 25 August and the trial is expected to commence on 23 October.