FOR TWO CELLPHONES: Blood spatters the pavement and a woman’s jeans after she was stabbed several times in a robbery in Hillbrow while on her way to work yesterday.
Hillbrow — This woman's morning got off to a bloody rough start when she was stabbed by two knife-wielding skelms.

Blood spattered the pavement, her jeans were torn in several places and her hands were full of stab wounds.

A witness who asked for anonymity, said she was walking on the other side of the street when she saw the commotion.

“I realised something was wrong when I saw the two men who were behind the woman separate and approach her from each side. There was a scuffle and shouting – they were grabbing her.

“It happened quite fast and there was a lot of blood afterwards.

“She was trying to stop them and protect herself, but they had knives and were cutting her.”

The witness said people tried shouting at the two men to stop but were afraid to get close because they were armed.

“When the police arrived, the men ran away, and people went to her to help her.

“She was in a lot of pain and she just kept bleeding – her clothes were ripped and she was crying.

“She had a lot of cuts on her arms and hands,” the witness said. “It’s very sad that people get attacked just for going to work. It’s unfair and it shouldn’t be happening. We should be able to get to work safely – women cannot continuously be the targets of thugs.”

According to Hillbrow police spokesperson Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo, the incident happened during the early hours of yesterday morning on the corner of Quartz and Pietersen streets.

“Two men armed with knives approached (the woman) and demanded her goods. They took two cellphones she was carrying, but she tried to fight back and they stabbed her in both hands.

“Police were called and arrived immediately. As the men ran away, one of the cellphones fell and it was recovered,” he said.

Zondo said the woman was transported to hospital in a stable condition.

“Police are looking for the men involved. A case of armed robbery and assault has been opened,” he said.

The Star