SCENE: Boewe tried to rob woman at traffic lights just before R300 exit
A woman has recounted how she escaped a terrifying robbery and attempted hijacking while driving home on the Stellenbosch Arterial.

The 39-year-old victim fought off her two attackers at the traffic lights in Belhar just before the R300 exit.

It was after 1pm on Wednesday when the men rukked open the door of her old cream Ford bakkie and started going through the glove compartment for items to take.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, says her anger kicked in when the one skelm held her and tried to get to her phone and she fought back, twisting her arm in the process.

“I just passed the Airport Shopping Mall when all of a sudden these two guys came up and pulled the door open and immediately started scratching. I was at the robot and completely shocked at these brazen skollies,” she says.

“I just started fighting, screaming, hitting, punching and scratching them. They probably realised they were going to lose here.

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“One of them had a front tooth out. I will never forget his face. I saw my life flash before my eyes as these skollies attacked, but I was not going to be a victim like that, no,” she says adamantly.

The woman says she managed to scare off the men, who were not armed and drove a little further down the road.

Still shaken, she pulled over at a spot where she felt safer and a traffic officer pulled up behind her.

She says the cop calmed her down a little and called her family. He then escorted her all the way home.

“I just want to say thank you to Officer Visser who assisted me and escorted me home. I will be forever grateful,” she says.

She warns other motorists, saying: “Be vigilant on that stretch of road or avoid it completely. I could have lost my life because of these skollies that think it is OK to take your stuff and even your life.”

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