NEEDS OP: Sylvonnia Opperman out of hospital
A 25-year-old Delft mother, who was beaten with a spade by her boyfriend, has lived to tell the tale.

Sylvonnia Opperman, who has two sons aged five and 10 months old, was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital last week following the attack at her home in Batha Street, Leiden.

She is now back home and reveals her berk, Alvino Abrahams, also hit her with a hammer twice in the head, leaving her with two large blood clots on her brain.

“The doctor said I need to remain calm and if I get any knock against my head, I will die,” she tells the Daily Voice.

Last week Alvino admitted he beat Sylvonnia, but denied witnesses’ claims that he hit her with a spade.

Sylvonnia says she remembers little of the attack but recalls Alvino having a spade in his hand before the assault as he had been working in the yard.

She says she was beaten up over a Sassa card.

“He went to Shoprite to draw money. He had the Sassa card and I asked him where is the card. He said it’s probably on the bed,” says Sylvonnia.

She says later at home he became violent because she didn’t know where the card was.

“He beat me twice on my head with a hammer and smacked me. Then he threw me; I remember falling against the mattress,” she explains.

“When I was outside, he closed the door and said I must f*** off. I remember telling this girl to call the aunty in the street and then I cannot remember anything further.”

She says doctors told her she’s lucky to be alive, but will now need surgery to remove the blood clots.

“My arm is dislocated and they said they are going to place pins inside.”

She has since opened a case with police, but cops have yet to respond to the Daily Voice queries.

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