IRATE: Stephen Hugo

Resident Stephen Wayne Hugo accused Mayco member for Assets and Facilities, Stuart Diamond, of lying about the inspections after a window frame came crashing down in the court several weeks ago.

At the time, Hugo told the Daily Voice that residents were shocked to see a window sommer fall out only months after the flats were refurbished.

This week he said the window has still not been fixed and that residents were still fuming. “These flats were not inspected when the contractor was done. The vents were removed, adding to the health problems of people. They mustn’t lie; these flats were not inspected and they promised us aluminium windows.”

Diamond says while the frame which fell out will be repaired this week, the City did not budget for aluminium windows.

“Dina and Eva Courts were completely vandalised prior to being rebuilt. Everything of salvage value was stolen. The City did not budget for aluminium window frames as part of the upgrade as this would have significantly increased the cost of rebuilding these flats.”

He says the City’s maintenance team will have to inspect if the air vents were removed or not.

Commenting on the inspections, Diamond says: “The work was undertaken in 2015, and we will scrutinise the content of the inspection sheets of Dina Court.”