GUILTY: Cameron Wilson, 20, off to Valkenberg

The meisie was stabbed to death in September 2016 by Cameron Wilson who is now 20.

Charles Moore believes Wilson, from Heinz Park, will try to escape from Valkenberg Hospital, where he is being sent for a psychiatric evaluation, as ordered by Judge Chantal Fortuin last week.

Wilson was found guilty on 13 of the 15 charges against him.

He stabbed Lekita 98 times, and slashed her breasts and vagina.

GONE: Lekita Moore was 18

Charles says: “How is this fair now? He killed all these people, including my baby. He took her from me and now he is being given the chance to escape from a mental institution.

“Those places are not secure and it’s easy to jump the fence. If he gets a chance, he will run. Hy issie mal nie, hy speel mal om weg te kom.”

Moore says Wilson has torn his family apart.

His wife, Shireen, became addicted to tik as she could not deal with the loss of her daughter, while his eldest daughter, Maurecia, was also being treated at Stikland Hospital to help her deal with Lekita’s murder.

Community Safety MEC Dan Plato welcomed the evaluation order and said in Wilson’s case, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

“We know his father is also a criminal, so this is something Wilson grew up seeing,” he said.

Abraham Wilson, 37, was arrested in June in connection with the murder of well-known Cape Flats gospel singer Wilton Fredericks, 31.

Sentencing procedure for Cameron Wilson is set to start on 7 August.