GUILTY: Cameroon Wilson has been referred to Valkenberg for evaluation

There were hugs and tears of joy in the public gallery when multi-murder accused Cameron Wilson was found guilty on 13 of his 15 charges in the Western Cape High Court on Friday.

Wilson, 20, from Heinz Park faced 15 charges including five counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault and rape, one count of the possession of an illegal firearm and one count of the possession of illegal ammunition. 

Judge Chantal Fortuin found Wilson guilty on all five counts of murder, including that of slain Valhalla Park meisie Lekita Moore, 18. 

  MUTILATED: Lekita Moore’s body was exposed

He was convicted on three counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault, one count of rape, one count of the possession of an illegal firearm and possession of illegal ammunition.  

Wilson was acquitted on the attempted murder of Cody Philander, which occurred in April 2015 and the rape of slain 16-year-old Stacey-Lee Mohale.

Delivering her evaluation of the murder of Lekita, Fortuin stated that it was clear there was a relationship between Wilson and Lekita.

“The deceased was murdered gruesomely. Her naked body exposed for all to see,” said Fortuin. 

“Even with the accused’s new version – that Xavier Bester murdered Lekita – would any reasonable person not have come forth with the truth earlier? 

“His version that he was scared to say it earlier because he feared the community is a lie. If on this new version, it would have been better for his safety if the community knew earlier that it was Xavier and not him. 

“An objective look into the deceased relationship is intriguing. The deceased at her young age got involved with a young man who acted as if he had the right to decide where she may go. 

“He’s a young man who clearly thinks that once he gets into a relationship with a lady, he has the right to decide on her whereabouts and movements. 

“It’s clear that the accused accepted that it would be OK to be in relationship with his girlfriend and mother of his child and at the same time start a relationship with Lekita. 

“His actions speak of a lack of respect for both of these young women. It stretched so far that on the weekend of the murder, he had his lady friend visit and while she was at his residence, he was in his possessiveness with Lekita publicly. 

“His dominating behaviour is further seen in the fact that he did not take his girlfriend along to the karaoke and, also, on the State’s version that he prevented Lekita going to the karaoke. 

“He decides to go alone and takes not one of his lady friends, and he still makes sure Lekita is at her home and not at the karaoke. It does not stop there. He gets extremely aggressive when he saw Lekita without his permission at the karaoke. 

“This court finds the ways the accused handled the women in his life hideous. Women are not possessions of men. No one has the right to decide over the freedom and life of another.”

 Wilson stood smiling and smirking in the dock when Fortuin found him guilty.

 Outside court there were tears of joy and singing as residents from Valhalla Park embraced each other.

Stepping out with tears in his eyes, Lekita’s father Charl Moore said they are done crying.

  SATISFIED: Lekita’s dad Charl Moore says he was happy with the judges’ decision at the high court on Friday

“I thank the Lord. I am done crying. Hy gaan sy straf kry en daai keys moet weggegooi word,” he said. 

“It’s their [Wilson’s family’s] turn, we are no longer crying. I feel happy with what the judge did here today. That heavy burden has been taken from my shoulders. 

“I feel that if he gets sentenced, he must be put away for life. He mustn’t even be kept in the Western Cape, his family must feel that pain that we feel. 

“All these people whose children he killed and hurt, his family also needs to feel that pain.”

 Lekita’s sister, Mercia, could not be happier.

“I am so happy. I can finally walk around again without looking over my shoulder. I still miss my sister so much. He threatened me in court before he went down. He told me ek gaan sien, ek gaan dood.”

 Spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Eric Ntabazalila, welcomed the judgement and said Wilson would be sent for psychiatric evaluation.

“Wilson has been convicted of five murders (three male and two female victims), three attempted murders (three female victims), one rape, an assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm, conspiracy, and two counts in terms of the Firearms Act. 

“The State called for a probation officer’s report and granted an application that the accused be referred to Valkenberg for evaluation.”

Sentencing will take place on 7 August.