MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD: Nokhaya Mngakana, 60, Samkelo Mngakana, 37, Lukhetho Booi, 27 and Aphiwe Magqaza, 29

By the time the gunshots ended three members of a Delft family were dead.

Zoleka Magqaza said they were woken by men who bashed on their door pretending to be policemen. “Open it’s the police, voetsek open it’s the police we want Tswi!” she said they screamed.

“At about 12.50am I heard a car being parked and doors banged as the men were closing them. They started shouting that someone must open they are the police, but it was silent. They kicked open the door and entered the kitchen.

“I peeped and saw a tall man wearing a black jacket, jeans and white takkies holding a gun. I realised something was not adding up because he was not wearing police uniform.

“They managed to kick down the two bedroom doors. In one bedroom was my son Aphiwe and in another was his cousin Lukhetho. I heard them screaming and begging for their lives. I asked (another) man what they wanted and he said they were police looking for my brother, Tswi, Samkelo’s nickname.”

Magqaza said out of pain and fear they told them where her brother was. “I ran into my house, switched off the lights and laid on the floor with my 12-year-old son. All I could hear were several gunshots. Tears were just running down my face, thinking we are next.”

Vusumzi Mngakana, who was at the main house with his mother Nokhaya and five children said they were fearful to go outside and check what was happening as they heard the gunshots and the footsteps.

Nokhaya Mngakana, 60, Lukhetho Booi, 27, Aphiwe Magqaza, 29, were all killed.

Later that morning another family member Samkelo Mngakana, 37, in KTC Gugulethu, who is the person the suspects were looking for, was also shot dead.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said circumstances surrounding the murders are being investigated.