TARGET: Silver Creek Spur restaurant in Durbanville

After robbing a Spur restaurant, four dom skelms patiently waited for a taxi – outside a police station – to make their getaway.

The ill-prepared boewe were nabbed by cops after trying to shoot their way out of the minibus on Monday morning.

A cop as well as at least one of the suspects were wounded in the shootout.

Warrant Officer Frederick Williams suffered a flesh wound to the head after robbers targeted the Silver Creek Spur in Durbanville.

The suspects entered the restaurant through a back entrance, posing as suppliers before robbing the manager of her cellphone and engagement ring.

Owner John Peace says the armed suspects slipped in while supplies were being delivered.

“When they were done [robbing], they ran out towards the police station,” says John, rolling his eyes.

“Then they waited for a taxi and got into a red Quantum van.

“They didn’t even have their own transport, they had to wait on taxi,” John says in disbelief.

His son and general manager, Arthur Peace, who was at the restaurant at the time of the robbery, says none of the staff or patrons inside knew what happened.

“The came in looking for money but we don’t keep money on the premises,” he says.

“The manager was at the back and when they didn’t get money, she gave them her ring and cellphone.

“There was no shooting in the shop.

“We didn’t know what was going on until she came out, after the fact when she ran to the front and told us to phone the police.”

John says they plan to “beef up” security following Monday’s attack.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms all four suspects were caught.

He says cases of attempted murder and a business robbery is under investigation.

“The incident occurred at 11.10am at a business in Pampoenkraal Road, Durbanville,” says Van Wyk.

“Police pulled over the vehicle in which suspects fled the scene and shooting ensued. A police official was shot and wounded in this incident.

“Four suspects were arrested and two firearms were confiscated.

“The suspects will appear in court once charged.”

He said the injured officer is in a stable condition.