SCENE: Old Paarl Road, Brackenfell. CREDIT: Solly Lottering
People at a northern suburbs filling station thought it was the end of the world when a truck ploughed into the garage.

Mense at the Engen on Old Paarl Road innie Brackenfell says it sounded like a “volcano was erupting” as an out-of-control trok slammed into the garage on Tuesday.

The owner of Rouxville Motors, Brian van Sittert, says the driver of the massive truck misjudged a sharp turn and hit the garage instead, taking off the roof in the process.

No one was hurt and none of the pumps were seriously damaged.

“It was almost 2pm when the incident happened. I immediately called the Brackenfell police to report the accident and also the damage,” says Brian.

“I thank God there was nobody under the roof at the time the massive truck ploughed through the garage, dragging the roof with it.”

He says the garage is closed for business and he is now waiting for his insurers to tally the cost of the damage.

A cleaner working in a nearby street said he heard the massive crash.

“We were working in nearby Jeanet Street when we heard a helse noise. It was like a tornado hit the garage and everybody ran to go and check if anyone was hurt,” says the man.

“Luckily nobody, not even the driver of the truck responsible for the incident, was injured.

“He turned too sharply, they said, and lost control of the vehicle.”

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“Kindly be advised that an accident report was opened, no injuries were reported,” he says.

The truck company did not respond to queries yesterday.